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Alternative names: Ukelele
Origin: Hawaii. The Soprano was created in the 1880's, the Concert and Tenor in the 1920's and the Baritone in the 1940's.
Tuning: G4, C4, E4, A4 or A4, D4, F#4, B4 for Soprano, Concert and Tenor. D4, G3, B3, E4 for Baritone. The rare Sopranino size is tuned the same as a Soprano or higher, but always with the same intervals.
Strings/Courses: 4/4
Further notes: Evolved from the Portuguese Cavaquinho, brought to Hawaii by Portuguese sailors. Nylon strings.
Scale Length: Soprano 330mm. Concert 380mm. Tenor 430mm. Baritone 480mm. Sopranino 250-300mm

Ukulele, Bass

Alternative names: U-Bass, Mini bass
Origin: USA, 2006.
Tuning: E1, A1, D2, G2 or E1, A1, C#2, F#2 (to have the same intervals as the ukulele).
Strings/Courses: 4/4
Further notes: Can be fretted or fretless. Polyurethane strings.
Scale Length: 480-500mm

Ukulele, Lili'u

Alternative names: Lili'u, 6-string ukulele
Origin: Hawaii, 1959.
Tuning: G4, C4 C3, E4, A4 A3 or G4, C4 C3, E4, A4 A4.
Strings/Courses: 6/4
Further notes: Named after the Hawaiian Queen Lili'ukolani. Nylon strings. Not to be confused with the 6 single string Guitarlele.
Scale Length: Usually 430mm.

Ukulele, Tahitian

Alternative names: Tahitian Banjo, Ukarere.
Origin: Tahiti, 1990.
Tuning: G4 G4, C5 C5, E5 E5, A4 A4.
Strings/Courses: 8/4
Further notes: Nylon strings, usually fishing line.
Scale Length: Anywhere between 330-450mm.

Ukulele, Taropatch

Alternative names: 8-string ukulele.
Origin: Hawaii
Tuning: G3 G4, C3 C4, E4 E4, A4 A4.
Strings/Courses: 8/4
Further notes: Nylon strings.
Scale Length: Usually concert (380mm) or tenor (430mm) size.


Alternative names: Gardon
Origin: Central Romania and Eastern Hungary.
Strings/Courses: Usually 4/4
Further notes: Usually played by beating with a stick.
Scale Length: