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Alternative names: Waylacho, Hualaycho, Maulincho, Kalampiador.
Origin: Andean mountains, South America.
Tuning: C4 C4, F4 F4, A5 A4, D5 D5, A5 A5 or D4 D4, G4 G4, B5 B4, E5 E5, B5 B5 for 10 string versions. C4, F4, A5 A4, D5, A5 or D4, G4, B5 B4, E5, B5 for 6 string versions.
Strings/Courses: 10/5 or 6/5
Further notes: Nylon strings.
Scale Length: 330mm


Alternative names: Waldoline.
Origin: Germany.
Tuning: C3, G3 G3, C4 C4, E4 E4, G4 G4
Strings/Courses: 9/5
Further notes: German for 'forest zither', zither being the German equivalent of the word Cittern. Can have normal tuning machines or one similar to the Portuguese guitar. Steel strings.
Scale Length: 430-470mm


Yayli Tambur

Alternative names: Yayli Tanbur
Origin: Turkey, 19th century.
Tuning: D2 D2, A2 A2, D3 D3.
Strings/Courses: 6/3
Further notes:
Scale Length: About 1000mm (1 metre).


Alternative names: Yueh qin, Yueh chin, Moon guitar
Origin: China.
Tuning: G3, D4, G4, D5
Strings/Courses: 4/4 or 4/2
Further notes: Nylon or silk strings.
Scale Length: About 370mm, but varies.

Yueqin, Taiwanese

Alternative names:
Origin: Taiwan.
Tuning: D3, A4 is common, but a wide variety. Usually the two strings are tuned a fifth apart.
Strings/Courses: 2/2 or 3/3
Further notes: Evolved from the above Yueqin. Only has 2 (or sometimes 3) strings. Nylon or silk strings.
Scale Length: 450-480mm



Alternative names: Lokanga Voatavo, Lokango Voatavo, Tzetze, Dzendze.
Origin: Sub-Saharan Africa
Further notes: Steel or bicycle brake wire strings.
Scale Length: Huge variation.


Alternative names:
Origin: China, 20th Century.
Tuning: G3, D4 or A3, E4
Further notes:
Scale Length: About 400-450mm

Zither (fretted)

Alternative names: Concert zither
Origin: The Concert zither comes from Austria, but there are many other variants throughout the world.
Further notes: Although most zithers only have open strings and therefore would not be included on this website, there are some which have frets under some of the strings. Steel strings.
Scale Length: 430-460mm is common, but a wide variation.